Faith is the foundation Fresno State Blackboard to be able to survive in this life cover and "especially for the life after death" because only faith that the only one who directs the view that the ideals of success in life not limited to terrestrial worldly experience but also have to penetrate the barrier of physical nature when we later entered the transcendental experience when I die. Moderate physical health is the basis of life achieve prosperity in this world, because they papun beta owned many nik mat becomes meaningless when someone falls ill. Rasulullah said: "The person who enters the morning with good health, safe place of residence and have harianya food, it is as if the whole world lives in initelah gave him" (Reported by At-Turmudzi).

The scholars Salafusshaleh stated that the verse that reads: "Then you will be held accountable sungguhh of pleasure (that you experience in this world)," (Surah At Takatsur: 8), also hinted about health. As Soraya said Susan Behbehani: "The body must be treated because it is a template for the life and soul in it; sort shells containing pearls growing, without shells there would be no pearls ".

Vertices of health care in Islam lies on a clean life, www.jetnet.aa.comactive, calm, moderate, fair, porposional, balanced and natural. Do not do anything by ignoring the needs of self. Rasulullah SAW rebuked some companions who intend to go beyond the boundaries, nature's extreme and exaggerated in worship, as in his saying: "in fact your body has a right over you." When there is a shabat which will berazam continuous fasting, praying all night tahajud full so neglected their physical needs, the Prophet actually said 'I marry a woman, eat meat, I sleep, wake up (night prayer), fasting and breaking. Who does not like my Sunnah then he is not of my people. "

Sayyidina Ali said: "Entertain your heart, because they when he is tired, the liver tends to be blind". Anyone we have affirmed by God that we are not required to do anything beyond the limits of our nature: "God does not burden a person malainkan accordance with the content of his ability" (Surah Al-Baqarah: 286). The commands in worship is always proportional to maintain the balance of material and spiritual needs.